Mónica Santalices

Mónica Santalices


Biochemist with master’s degree on technological management specializing in biotechnology. She advises our patent department since 2010.

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Professional Background

  • Biochemist with vast experience in drafting, filing, processing and defense/opposition of patents of invention, patent feasibility assessment and settlement of technical basis in legal processes.
  • She has worked as a professor in courses in biotechnology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, bioprocesses, pollution and waste treatment; management and industrial property in various Chilean universities, including Universidad de Chile and Universidad de Santiago.


  • Universidad de Chile, Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Master’s degree on technological management specializing in biotechnology (c).
  • Universidad de la República, Uruguay, “Molecular tools for the identification and characterization of fungi and yeasts” course.
  • Universidad de Santiago de Chile, “SixSigma quality system for new products” course.
  • Universidad de Chile, “Use of molecular markers for detection of QTL and its application in animal, forestry and aquaculture production” course.


  • Spanish.
  • English.
  • Patents.