14 Jul 2017
Rodrigo León - Huelga y automatización (El Mercurio)

Strike and automatization

El Mercurio, Opinion. Our partner, Roberto León, addresses whether or not the substitution of striking workers for automated systems break the rule. To read it: http://www.nexchannel.cl/Nex/noticias/noticia_pescrita.php?nota=16590995
13 Jul 2017
LexLatin - Metallica

Metallica achieves a favorable ruling in Chile

Lex Latin. The specialized media informs on the favorable ruling obtained by Metallica in Chile, with the help of SILVA, legal adviser for the brand in the country. To know the legal dispute, which lasted for almost 20 years, enter here.
04 Jul 2017
metallica b4 2

After 20 years, Metallica registers its brand in Chile

El Mercurio. Almost two decades took the legal battle between the trash metal band Metallica and a Chilean who had registered their brand in Chile. It started in 1999 and both legal parties have been collecting victories and setbacks since then. Finally, Silva, representing the band, could get a ver
01 Jul 2017
google AG LT

International rulings

La Tercera, Opinion. Our partner, Andrés Grunwaldt, highlights the possible outcomes if the ruling towards Google in Canada will be effectively extensive to global reach. To read it: http://www.nexchannel.cl/Nex/noticias/noticia_pescrita.php?nota=16525927
30 Jun 2017
Ox Latin

Silva & Cía serves up restaurant trademark victory

Latin Lawyer. Our client, restaurant Ox´s victory over the giant Mexican Oxxo in Latin Lawyer. To read the article, go to: http://latinlawyer.com/article/1143803/silva-c%C3%ADa-serves-up-restaurant-trademark-victory?utm_source=Law%20Business%20Research&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=8441785
28 Jun 2017
Silva Abogados bajas-27

Protection before Brexit

La Tercera, Opinion. Our partner, Rodrigo León, points out the importance of having in the agenda of the meetings between Chile and Great Britain the proterction of industrial property. To read it: http://www.nexchannel.cl/Nex/noticias/noticia_pescrita.php?m=y&d=2862&nota=16507192&fech
22 Jun 2017
Silva Abogados bajas-31

Aduanas and Tax Services Agreement

Pulso, opinion. Our partner, Andrés Grunewaldt, tells about the agreement between this two public services and the  positive impact it could have. To read the letter: http://diariopulso.pressreader.com/pulso